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Are you planning to visit St.Petersburg?
Do you have just 3, or maybe even 1 day to explore
one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

Anastasia Travel team has been successfully solving this
problem for 13 years. How?

  • We organize VIP entry to all our individual guests to the museums of St.Petersburg without having to wait in lines
  • We know when there are no big crowds in the museums, and design our programs so it is easier to go through the rooms and halls

Press SEND REQUEST and you will receive your individual program in just a few hours!


Do I need a russian visa? How do I get the visa for Russia?

You do not need a visa if you come to St.Petersburg

  • on board of a cruise ship
  • by ferry

Anastasia Travel team will take care of all the paperwork. To disembark you will need your passport and the tour voucher (we will email it to you)

You do need a visa if you come to St.Petersburg

  • by train
  • by plane

Anastasia Travel team will prepare the necessary documentation to apply for the



I am worried to book a tour without the cruise line.
Is it possible they do not let me disembark?

  • According to the Russian Federation law, the tourists coming with a cruise ship have the right for visa-free disembarking for 72 hours, if accompanied by a representative of a registered tour operator. Anastasia Travel Group is an authorized tour operator with the registration number МВТ 011091
  • In 13 years we have organized tours for over 35 000 people. For this whole time our guests have never had any problems with disembarking or passing the passport control
  • We are actively cooperating with the border officials in organization of international forums and conferences, so we have the opportunities to solve any kind of problems
  • We cooperate with the Cultural Committee of St Petersburg and organize public events in the city

Our Rewards



    To Davydova Anastasia Yevgeniyevna
    General Director of OOO “Turisticheskaya kompaniya “Anastasia”

    For the as sistance with organization and execution of the events of Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Member States of The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Fifth Session of the Council of heads of the security services, law-enforcement agencies and the state border security bodies of the member states of organization "Central Asian Collaboration".

    Head of the administration

    Yu.Yu. Ignashchenkov

    30 November 2006



    To General Director of OOO “Turisticheskaya kompaniya “Anastasia” Davydova A.Ye.


    The administration of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya Region would like to express its deepest gratitude for the significant assistance in the preparation and performance of 22 Session of the Council of the heads of the security bodies and special services of the member states of the The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

    Head of the administration

    A.V. Ruchiyov

    25 June 2007



    Anastasia Yevgeniyevna

    For the active civil position and practical assistance in the performance of the events of the 8th Forum of the heads of border security bodies (coast guards) of the states in the Northern Part of the Pacific Ocean.

    Head of the border administration of the FSS of Russia
    in Leningradskaya Region

    General-Mayor N. Iskhakov

    November 2007


What our guests say about us?

  • Hello Katherine,

    Just wanted to Thank You again for an amazing two days in Russia. We sincerely appreciated everything you did for us to make our visit a perfect one. St. Petersburg is truly a beautiful city, one we hope to someday be able to return to and see more! Your help from planning the trip through completion made the visit extremely worthwhile, meaningful, and totally outstanding. On the way home we mentioned your name over and over again when talking to others about our two days in St. Petersburg, telling them how YOU made all the difference for us, by providing so much information. Your kindness and professionalism were most appreciated. Thank you so very much! Sincerely, Nancy, Fred, Jeff, and Montse Caesar

  • Don McLauchlin,

    Overall it was a very good tour.The Hermitage was very big, tough to digest so much. Can be reviewed in advance. Seeing metro was a great idea. Thinking about life today in Russia – also very good. Anna was very knowledgeable about history and art, very passionate about St.Petersburg. Dima was very professional – well done! Don and Barb McLauchin

  • Hi Anastasia,

    We are back home today and quickly wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that we were extremely pleased with our tour of St Petersburg. Lana was fabulous and very knowledgeable. She is so special, making sure that we were comfortable and happy every minute of the day. Nicholas was also of great help with the wheelchair and getting people out of the way so that my husband could see everything. We had a great experience and will highly recommend your services. We appreciate you coming out to the pier to welcome us as well. It was your personal approach that made us book with you instead of the other companies that are so highly recommended. We believe that Anastasia deserves to be the number 1 and we appreciate all of your efforts to make sure that our hours in your beautiful city were memorable ones! Thank you for the very personal attention you gave us and all of your assistance with my husband’s needs as well. We were able to do it ALL and missed nothing thanks to you. Please know that you can count on us to recommend you or speak on your behalf if you ever need recommendations! Sincerely, Maru Carreras

  • Bill and Irma DeLong,May 4th-5th, 2009

    Thank you very much for your awesome guided tour of Saint Petersburg during our stay on the 4th and 5th of May. Svetlana was unbelievably knowledgeable and very flexible to our group's needs. Svetlana arranged a canal cruise, free time for shopping, and a dinner for my family outside of our already ambitious itinerary. She made our tour of Saint Petersburg the highlight of our Baltic cruise. Your entire company was extremely professional and courteous throughout our stay. Thank you for making our experience to your beautiful city and country one that will never be forgotten.

  • Brian Kimsey,May 26th-27th, 2009

    Greetings, fellow cruisers! Please accept my apologies for taking so long to post pictures from our cruise to the internet. It really was just more work than I had thought, and I had more things keeping me from finishing than I had anticipated. However, my photographs from every city on the 14 day itinerary, not just St. Petersburg, are now posted on my website, I copied Anastasia with this message also. Irina and Andrew did a fantastic job, and Anastasia herself made some key last minute decisions that made our trip go more smoothly. I hope they'll use us an references for future clients. I hope you will enjoy the pictures, and that you all really enjoyed your entire trip. Although St. Petersburg was the highlight for us, we really found many things to like in every port. If any of you have pictures to share, I'd love to see them also.

  • Sincerely, Debbie and Steve Derin,

    It was such a pleasure having you show us your country


    Hello our new friend Anastasia.Thank you very much for a wonderful time you gave us in St.Petersburg. We will never forget this. With love.

  • Doug Deans,

    We were very satisfied with the effort you put in as our Guide in St. Petersburg. I am attaching a picture of us which you may recall. I certainly did recommend your Co. to many of those on our Cruise and will continue to do so. I will be glad to recommend you and your Company to any one who needs a reference or consult.

  • Emil Tabakov,

    Мы из Болгарии и в прошлом году были 2 дня в Петербурге на круизе на Emerald Princess . Мой супруг передвигается на инвалидной каляске, но мы хотели посетить все достопримечательности этого прекрасного города. Связались с туристической фирмой „Анастасия”. Нам предоставили удобная машина с шофером и гидом. Они были исключительно любезны и организованны, так что мы успели посетить все интересные соборы, дворцы и т.д. Наш гид Катерина организировала всё так перфектно, что мы передвигались безпроблемно по всему городу. Мы очень довольны, что выбрали эту фирму. Они сделали наше посещение в Петербурге замечательным и приятым

  • Gregory and Margaret Nilevsky,

    We would like again to thank You for the great service provided by You! We really loved every moment with You explaining and guiding all of us about "City of my love", and we really can say:" Nastya is the best!"

  • Hannah and Lewis Baston,

    Anastasia and her colleague provided a first-class introduction to St Petersburg, meeting us at the airport and taking very good care of us during our stay. She is very knowledgeable about the city and its surroundings, and an excellent guide to the city's incredible variety of tourist attractions and restaurants. Anastasia is an experienced guide and she can help travellers to avoid many pitfalls of going without assistance such as the enormous queues that develop at some attractions. We arrived in St Petersburg without knowing what to expect, but by the time we left we had happy memories, friends, and a strong desire to return!

  • Henry and Betty Oswald,

    Dear Irina, We just wanted to express to you how much we enjoyed the tour that your company did for us on Aug. 20 & 21, 2009. It was just excellent! We will certainly recommend it to our friends. We were especially fortunate to have a tour guide like Natalia. She was personable, knowledgeable, and very good at showing us the flavor of St. Petersburg. We would like to keep in touch with her, if possible. We would be interested in emailing her if that is okay with her. Could you please forward this to her and she can decide if she would like to do that - we are interested in how her Phd. Course work goes at the U. of St. Petersburg. We have attached a picture of us as I am sure she meets a lot of people on tours. Thank you again for such an enjoyable experience.

  • Ken and I have nothing but praise for your service on Sunday 16 May and Monday 17 May (Ken's birthday), 2010.

    Paulina and Misha were outstanding hosts and we were very pleased with the service that we had for the entire 2 days of the tour. We were quite startled to discover that we were the only 2 people on the tour and that you had still accommodated our requests. Thank you very much for this outstanding service. We will continue to recommend your services to others and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful 2 days we experienced in St Petersburg. Your staff are wonderful.

  • Linda and Joe Toth,

    Dear Anastasia, Joe and I want to express our appreciation to you, Elana and our driver, Roman, for a wonderful tour and fantastic time in your beautiful city, St. Petersburg. (I hope I am spelling Elana's name correctly.) The knowledge she had of history, the city sights and anything else we wanted to know was amazing. We have told many people about the tour and compared stories when we got back on our ship during the cruise. None seemed to compare with what WE did and saw in our time spent with our guide and driver. Everything and everywhere we went was planned so well and went smoothly. We will recommend your company to people who are planning on visiting St. Petersburg in the future. Please give our best to Elana and Roman and pass on these compliments to them. Best wishes for the continuing success of your company and yourself.

  • Lou and Trev,

    Just thought I would drop you a quick note to say a very big thank you for your services during our recent stay in St. Petersburg. Everywhere was absolutely amazing and your very informative talks certainly made the whole experience a very special one. I have attached a couple of photos.

  • Rick and Steve,

    Dear Anastasia, Thank you for thinking of us. We so enjoyed our visit to St. Petersburg, thanks to all of your great planning and our wonderful guide Svetlana. Your slide show is wonderful and brought back such nice memories of our visit in June (except we did not know the sky was blue!) I've attached a few photos of us in St. Petersburg, and one of Svetlana. Let me just say again, that if you ever need a reference or have any potential clients that would like to talk to someone who has used your services, I would be more than happy to give you the highest recommendation. It was truly a pleasure working with you, and I will happily refer you to any friends and associates who may be considering a visit to St. Petersburg.


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